Barb Luhring


 Engaging and Inclusive Graphic Recording, Visual Recording and Digital Illustration by Barb Luhring

Barb Luhring provides graphic recording services (also known as visual recording) for business, non-profit and education meetings and conferences. Her expertise in translating difficult-to-explain concepts with pictures and words is unmatched. Her graphic recordings include diverse, inclusive images of gender, color and age, making all participants feel a connection to the work that is accomplished during meetings, conferences or events.

What is Graphic Recording?

Why Should I hire Barb?
At the first conference for our new venture, Barb heard the sparks of insight and the key questions, and wove them into a graphic recording. Her visual responses during our conversations boosted the energy in the room. Now, her work is keeping us focused and introducing our venture to new colleagues – beginning good conversations for us with those we want to engage. She’s a valuable resource that was a revelation to us.

Nancy Aten, Principal
Dan Collins, Program Manager
Landscapes of Place LLC

O.K., I’m convinced this will make my next event even better!
How do I hire Barb right now?

Barb Luhring draws engaging, inclusive, diverse individuals for her advertising and graphic recording clients. Is your business ready to welcome diversity? If the answer is yes, contact Barb today.
Email: or Call: 920-246-7234

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